De Havilland FAW.53 Sea Venom, WZ-939

Sea Venom

Sea Venom WZ-939 was formally delivered to the RAN in February 1956 in Glasgow, Scotland, and shipped to Australia on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier, HMAS Melbourne, in March that year.

The Sea Venom's basic role in the RAN during its 18 years of service was to provide fighter protection for the Melbourne and accompanying fleet, day and night.

The aircraft was powered by a De Havilland Ghost 104 engine and had a maximum speed of 563 mph at sea level and 544 mph at 30,000 feet.

The DH Sea Venom was considered by its pilots to be a good, sound aircraft with no vices and served well until replaced in 1967 with the Douglas A4 Skyhawk. Eleven Sea Venoms were written off in service with the loss of 9 aircrew.

This CJFM Sea Venom went into RAN service in May 1956, and was disposed of to the Tuggerah Lakes War Museum in 1971. It later went into storage until purchased by CJFM in late 1993. After an intensive restoration program, WZ-939 was stored to await the opening of CJFM at Parafield in 1996.

Flight Crew: Cmdr. Josselyn, Sblt. Kimpton
Service Crew: NAM Washbrook, NAM Allen


Sea VenomSea Venom

Sea VenomSea Venom

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